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Superb in Stable reading, Repeatability and Accuracy!

The Ultraman-3170 ultrasonic concrete tester manufactured and supplied by Q-see man International oscillates ultrasonic waves from 20kHz to 1,000kHz. Inspects the density, elasticity, homogeneity, presence or absence of voids or cavities, chemical damage, and deterioration and carbonation due to aging of materials including concrete, stone, and wood. In particular, it is widely applied to strength testing and hardening measurement of concrete. Ultraman-3170 minimizes noise while using a high voltage of 1,200V or 600V in the analog circuit, demonstrating excellent performance in stable reading, repeatability, and accuracy from thin materials such as stone or metal to thick concrete.

Features of Ultraman-3170

The combination of a high-output pulser (1,200V/600V) that generates strong ultrasonic energy, a receiver with high reception sensitivity, and a high-efficiency ultrasonic transducer designed to transmit ultrasonic waves most efficiently in concrete provides excellent performance even in thick or highly attenuated materials.

Separate menus for direct method, indirect method and crack measurement, color display for viewing measurement results at a glance.

Safety diagnosis and maintenance of concrete installations, strength measurement of wood and stone. Compact design convenient for use in the field and laboratory for aging inspection of stone and earthen cultural assets.

Software that allows you to transfer measured data to a laptop and create a report, and a program that allows you to analyze the transmitted waveform. (optional)
Mode to use scout transducer and shear wave transducer. (transducer is optional)
Composition of Ultraman-3170
Ultrasonic tester main body and pouch
54kHz ultrasonic transducer (2EA)
RG58 cable with BNC to XTR-9 (2EA)
Ultrasonic couplant
Reference block
Instruction manual –USB card
Portable aluminum bag
Main body
Ultrasonic Transducer
Ultrasonic couplant
Reference block
Instruction manual
Aluminum bag
Specifications of Ultraman-3170
Measuring Range of Ultrasonic Transit time: 0.1งม - 9,999.9งม
Display: 800 X 480 TFT Color LCD
Frequency range of use: 10kHz - 1,000kHz
Measurement period: 5Hz fixed
Display cycle: 2Hz
Receiver sensitivity: 250งล
Connector: BNC/BNC
ADC Sampling Freq: 1.8MHz
Temperature of use: -10 ~ 50กษ
Power: Two rechargeable Li-Ion 21700 batteries (7.4V, 5,000mA)
Battery usage time: 8hours at 1,200V continuous use
Software operating system: Windows 7 or higher
Software installation space: 1GB or more SSD or HDD
Size: 105(H)×172(W)×68mm(D)
Weight: 1,188g (main body including battery)
Warranty: 1year
This is the instruction manual for Ultraman-3170. Passwords are provided only to those who purchased through MKC. In case of loss, please contact MKC.