64K Buffer Memory, 16bit AT Bus
· Software selecatable sampling rates 700
   kHz to 100 MHz in Transient operation and
   from 200 to 800 MHz in time samplingmode
· Offer all of the commonly used trigger
   mode(external, software, post, pre,
· Software control of Input channel sele-
   ction, gain & offset and int/ext clocking
· Digital hardware edge, peak and Time of
   arrival detector
· Full wave rectifying/smoothing circuit
· Software dirvers and oscilloscope display,
   sophiscated language libraries and turnkey
   data acquisition/FFT programs also
Trigger: · Sources; software, external TTL, 256 level digital threshold
              · Modes ; normal, pre-trigger-delay from 0-262K samples
Memory Buffers  · 64K high static RAM
                            · Segmentable in 4byte increment
                            · Addressable at 16K boundaries through a 16K window in user memory
                            · Analog DC-50 MHz bandwidth, -3dB
                            · .125 to 2V input range, software selecatable
A/D conversion  · 100 MHz base rate
                           · 8 bit flash converter
                           · 200, 400 and 800 MHz equivalent time sampling
Features  · Installs in XT or AT type slot
                · 8 bit or 16 bit data transfer
                · Interrupt on acquisition complete
                · Trigger input/output connector
Software · Each board comes complete with a two channel, real time digital oscilloscope program
               · C callable assembly language drivers, source code for easy modification to other high
                  level language calling protocols and sample programs
            · Optional Digiscope, Spectrum analyzer and Data acquisition programs are also available