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The velocity of ultrasonic wave in concrete is affected by elastic property or strength.

Ultracon-170 applies high voltage and sends it to transit transducer to generate ultrasonic wave. This ultrasonic wave reaches to the receive transducer through concrete. When elastic property or strength of concrete is high, the transit time is short. On the other hand, when the materials are contrary, the velocity is low.

Ultracon-170 measures the ultrasonic transit time accurately so it makes possible to evaluate a material or find elastic properties non-destructively to investigate uniformity, cavities, cracks, fire/frost damage, delamination, deterioration and strength.

Ultracon-170 uses 54 kHz concrete transducers manufactured by mkcndt which were designed to send and receive ultrasonic signal effectively in highly attenuative materials, including concrete, wood, stone and plastic. This instrument was developed by cooperative research with Korea Research Institute of Standard & Science, subsidized from the national coffers of Ministry of Science & Technology. This is the 4th generation.

Features of Ultracon-170
With excellent analog circuitry design, the repeatability and accuracy is superb.
The color of LCD background is changing according to measurement mode.
Direct read-out of transit time of ultrasonic in concrete with ultrasonic transducers, which is pulsed by high voltage
With the combinations of high-energy pulser, high sensitivity receiver and high efficiency transducers, it is excellent in thick and attenuative materials.
TFT color LCD makes it easy to operate in work-site or laboratory.
Status messages and different color display according to measurement modes enables to ascertain present inspection modes.
12 x AA rechargeable batteries enables 5 hours operation with 1 hour charging.
Displays the transit time in 0.1μs unit
RF waveform can be observed through RF output connector to oscilloscope or optional A/D board
It is possible to connect 2 through 16 transducers to observe the change of ultrasonic transit time according to time lapse using mortar container, multiplexer and PC (option)
Rugged Aluminium case
Low Battery status display
Mortar Analysis using MUX and Containers

Configuration of Ultracon-170

Ultracon-170 main body & Carrying Pouch
A pair of 54 kHz UT Transducer
RG 58 cable with BNC to XTR-9 Connector
Ultrasonic Couplant
Reference Block
Instruction Manual
Portable Aluminum Bag

Main Body
Carrying Pouch
Standard Transducer
BNC Transducer
Ultrasonic Couplant
Reference Block
Battery Charger
Instruction Manual
Aluminum Bag
Inner Circle Transducer
Ultrasonic Transducer
Needle Transducer
Transverse Wave Transducer
High Frequency Transducer
Small Transducer
Underwater Transducer
Monitoring Transducer
20kHz Transducer

Delay Transducer

Small Transducer

Small Needle Transducer
Small Diameter Transducer
Analysis Software
OSC Module
Ultrasonic Cable
Ultrasonic Cable
Wireless Transmission Module
50M Cable
Spectrum Image
Optional Item


A-scan Waveform Display
Mortar Analysis Software

Screen by Mode

Direct Measurement Mode

Indirect Measurement Mode

Crack Depth Measurement Mode

Compressive Strength Display  (Optional Item)
Architectural Institute of Japan
J. Pyszniak
Professor M.H. Kim / CNU
Seoul, Gyeong-gi, Gang-won area
Chung-cheong area/Oh&Ban
Ho-nam area/Oh&Ban
Young-nam area/Oh&Ban
# Compressive Strength Display is optional item. If you want to add your formula, it can be added with additional charge.


Measuring Range of Ultrasonic Transit time: 0.16,500.0
Display: 320 X 240 TFT LCD
Frequency Range: 10kHz ~ 1,000kHz
Measurement Cycle: 5Hz, 10Hz, 20Hz
Display Cycle: 2Hz
Receiver sensitivity: 250
Connector: BNC/BNC
Operating Temperature: -10 ~ 50
Power: 2 x AA Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery(7.4V, 3,350mA)
Battery Life: Continuously 10 hours with 1,200V pulse
Size: 105(H)×172(W)×68mm(D)
Weight: 1,060 grams(main body with batteries inside)
Warranty: 1year


Connect the Oscilloscope Module

Field Application Example  
Strength inspection by heat treatment of red brick: Time and speed display

Initial Displays According to Applications

Carbon molding
Carbon Electrode
Safety Diagnosis
Daehan E&C
ES Engineering

# We provide custom made displays for your company's symbol, Logo and measurement menu. (Changed model name to Ultraman-170)

The specifications given are subject to change without notice to improve the product.

Ultrasonic Concrete Testing with Ultracon-170



  View 2P print brochure
View papers related to measurement and inspection using Ultracon-170
(If you want to link your paper here, please send the file by e-mail.)
  Mechanical Characteristics of Basalt in Jeju Island with Relation to Porosity
- Moon, Kyoungtae / Jeju National University
  Experimental Validation of Slip-Forming Using Ultrasonic Sensors
- Hyejin Yoon / Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology
  Efficient Use of UPV Meter: A Non Destructive Test of Concrete by Fragmentation Analysis
- Sagar Jamle / Oriental University, India
  Study on Application of Filling Material for Reinforcement of Soil Murals in Buddhist Temple
- Kyeong Min Lee / National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage
  Determination of setting times by shear wave velocity evolution in fresh mortar using bender element method
- Jianfeng Zhu
  Evaluation of rock properties using ultrasonic pulse technique and correlating static to dynamic elastic constants
- Hamed Soroush, Hani Qutob / Weatherford Oil Tool ME Ltd.
  Correlations between ultrasonic pulse wave velocities and rock properties of quartz-mica schist
- Dr. Bharti Chawre / Central Soil and Materials Research Station, New Delhi,India
  The Simple Lamb Wave Analysis to Characterize Concrete Wide Beams by the Practical MASW Test
- Young Hak Lee

The Instruction manual is provided to those who has purchased the equipment. If you do not remember, contact M.K.C Korea.